Santiago de Compostela - World Heritage Site in Spain
by Seb Jay

Far away from the popular Spanish Costas is one of Spain's
most striking World Heritage Sites -
Santiago de
The city is situated in the Celtic heartland of
Northwest Spain and is surrounded by mesmerizing
countryside landscapes that would be more at home in
Southern Ireland or Scotland. A beautiful city in its own right,
Santiago de Compostela was assured of its status as a
tourist magnet many centuries ago. The Apostle Saint
James - the first of the twelve apostles to suffer martyrdom -
is said to have been buried here, and since the 10th century
AD the city has been a focus for the pilgrimage along the
Way of the Apostle Saint James.

Today, the final two weeks of July in Santiago de
Compostela is a procession of festivities, the 'main event'
being the annual Festival of the Apostle St James on 25
July. For tourists, this is perhaps the best time to visit the
city as the whole place comes alive. There are fireworks,
street entertainers, exhibitions, concerts and stalls offering
as much local produce and delicacies as you can manage.
On the 25th there is the religious ceremony in honor of St
James - the King's Offering to the Apostle.

When visiting Santiago de Compostela it is impossible not to
be impressed by the astounding architecture around the
city. Elaborate stonework is everywhere, with examples of
romanesque, medieval, gothic and renaissance architecture
dominating the skyline. At its historic heart is the Parador de
Turismo de Santiago in the Plaza del Obradoiro - the most
impressive of all the architectural designs in the city.

Getting To Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela airport provides easy access to the
city for international travelers. Domestic and international
flights from cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and London
arrive at the airport with some regularity. The city is
approximately 12km from the airport so booking a hire car in
advance at for pick up at the
airport is advisable.

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